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Crixus 350 Canoe by AV Boats


Crixus 350 Canoe is the Crixus group canoe and is adapted for the installation of electric or standard engine ( up to 2KM ). The canoe is finished in wood with the stainless details which makes the boat look great and is ideal for those who like classic but simple style. It is designed for 2 people.

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Length 3, search 50 m
Width 0, 85 m
Weight approx. 27 kg
Design displacement approx. 250 kg

The Crixus 350 canoe basic version is equipped with: 2 benches, reinforced bottom, one buoyancy tank, handle for battery installation.
Extra equipment available: aft locker, small or big storage unit, handles, bow protectors, backrests, cup holders, transport trolleys, paddles, life jackets.

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