The final stage in kayak production is the mounting of additional equipment, which make the exploitation easier and add new levels of functionality and safety.

RIGGING – it is a standard equipment for all sea kayaks and for some tourist ones as well. In the sea kayaks it provides a safety function as it makes it easier to e.g. get in, in case of falling out. Except for the lines, elastic rubbers are also mounted on the deck, as they help to carry additional luggage during longer tours.

TRANSPORT NETS – our kayaks are also equipped with transport nets placed on the deck of the kayak, where we can hide: maps, water bottles, waterproof bags or other luggage.

FITTINGS – the nets and the rigging are installed into the deck by means of the fitting. These are small, dominantly nylon elements, under which lines and elastic rubbers are lead and screwed to the deck. They have different shapes, depending on the locations.

HANDLES – in order to carry the kayak safely and comfortably, we install handles in most of the models. They are made from sturdy plastics and will not fail even if the kayak is heavily loaded.

SCREWS, WASHERS, NUTS – they are always made of corrosion resistant materials, so that they may serve the kayak for years to come. The spot in the kayak, where the holes are drilled is always secured against leaks and additionally strengthened in the stage of the shell’s production.